Deb McLarnon Photography, Lori Martone Pottery at "Art on Union Street"

My two friends and fellow artists will be here again with their creativity... Where would Art on Union Street be without them! Deb has such a way with finding the details of the moment in her photography... always looking in and finding some part that might otherwise go unseen. This may be putting a little too much pressure on Deb, but I hope she brings those little chickie photo cards... I need some more! Lori has loved her pottery making for over 24 years. She uses deep, rich glazes and finds beauty in the functional. At the risk of sounding uninformed... I remember when I saw her first yarn bells... I didn't know what they were :-) now I do and what a good idea. Hope you are saving the date. May 6 and 7. As a little Mother's Day thank you for stopping by, a free day lily plant fresh from my garden will be given to the first 50 guests. Best to you in color! Rose

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