Rose Bryant Original Paintings, Something Cute

Just finished these two little pieces and had to post them. Yesterday, I received a "call to artists" from Three Graces Gallery in Portsmouth. A "call" is a message sent out inviting artists to submit work to an event or show. The gallery then "juries" the art and says "yes" or "try again later". I haven't exhibited there before so I thought I would give it a shot....
NEXT is the really cute part. The gallery is renovating an old vending machine. They are calling it the Teeny Tiny Art Vendor... and it will sell handmade original art in miniature form. A person plunks some money in, pulls a handle and art appears. AND the buyer doesn't get to examine the specific art before the purchase... only a sample of the artist's style on display. Crazy.
Pictured here are two pieces from my collection of twelve. These are different from my usual tiny paintings in that they are on mat board, not canvas, and they are a little bigger - 3x4 inches each. All of the paintings in this series are little landscapes. Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes... I think it would be a kick to be represented by a vending machine. Will it be "yes" or will it be "try again later"?
Thanks for looking!

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