A new painting for the Beacon Hill Artwalk in Boston

"Swaying Grasses" 54x36 acrylic on canvas, triptych, each panel 18x36.
It is always fun to experiment with different ways of painting. Like painting from a black and white photo, or painting upside down. This painting was done in my garden using lily stalks as a guide. I started by painting the canvas in oranges and dark blues for a first coat and letting it dry. Then, working with the canvas horizontally, I arranged actual lily stalks as I wanted for my composition. (Some vegetation was altered for this project, but it will regenerate next year!) I then painted around the lower sections of the leaves with a mix of raw sienna, white, and a little yellow oxide. I painted the upper portion in raw umber and white. Then, I took the lilies away. The stalks were painted in combinations of white, raw sienna, a little raw umber, and a little green oxide. After that, I continued to work and blend until the darker color was like velvet in some spots and the neutrals were very earthy. The hardest part for me is knowing when to stop, but I managed not to overdo this one... the oranges and blues of the base coat still peek through in spots next to the stalks. I love the flow and movement of this painting... it makes me feel happy and rested. I hope you enjoy it, too. Please, pass this on to someone who needs a little color in their day. Have a great weekend. Rose

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  1. I really like this one, Rose. It has a wonderful batiky feeling to it.


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