Rose Bryant Original Painting "A Girl and Her Horse"

SOLD 16x20 acrylic on canvas
Sometimes when I am asked to do a commission, I almost feel like an actor who "gets into character". I enjoy hearing about the meaning behind the request, who the people are for whom the painting is intended.... or what the place or environment is about. I enjoy the emotional investment I make in the process... it makes my decisions clearer and hopefully my work more appreciated by the person requesting the painting. For this commission, a family came to me for a special "sweet sixteen" birthday gift for their daughter. After looking at several photographs and watching video images the daughter had put together to a favorite piece of music, I settled in on this particular moment. For me, there was no mistaking how special this love is to her. Enjoy. Rose


  1. A portrait of the girl and her favorite horse- what a Great Sweet Sixteen gift! Thanks for sharing. Best, Pat www.patwulfson.com

  2. AWESOME!!!! Mom, this painting is beautiful.


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