Recently sold

I love to see how others see my work fitting into their spaces. And I love to understand the reason why a certain piece of art was chosen.... each choice has a story. The new owners (J and P) invited me to come over to see how they had hung the painting. They live on the edge of a marsh ....and the landscape, so serene and lovely, seen from large windows to the left of the fireplace, is much like that in the painting. One would almost think this painting was planned for their room. But for them, just the opposite... this was a "find", not a commission. Both the husband and wife, separately and at different times, had seen the painting at The Willow (J, an artist herself, loves going into the Willow because it smells so good :-)). Later, they commented to the other.... "did you see ...?" and at that point the decision was made - it needed to be a part of their home. Once I saw the painting in their home, J commented that the art, with a few details added, could easily have been painted from their porch..... kind of gave me goosebumps. I guess it was just meant to be. A quiet scene in a very tranquil environment. It fits perfectly. Thank you J and P.

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