Now this is just fun.... November 8 and 9

My art friend, Heather Crowley, will have her new yurt studio ready for New Hampshire Open Doors this November 8 and 9. How exciting! She and her husband, Brad Rice, will be sharing their East Kingston  "marker" on the NH Open Doors map. Heather is Willow Road Watercolors. Brad is Willow Creek Sugar House (which is how the map reads). Both have their own spaces. Brad's sugar house was hopping this past spring when the maple syrup was flowing. They have a lovely little set-up there. Be sure and check out the chickens, too. This will certainly be a wonderful stop for your Open Doors tour... you could talk endlessly about art, maple sugaring, and yurt building. Open 10-4 Saturday and Sunday, November 8 and 9.

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