Time for a give-away...

Very simple this time. CLUE: There is a wintery image... on my facebook link which is on my blog page. QUESTION: What is that image? YOUR ACTION: Post your answer publicly on my  Rose Bryant Original Paintings facebook page. THE GIFT: A pack of 10 postcards with 10 envelopes to the first 10 correct answers. I will ship. BONUS: If you are both one of the first 10 correct answers AND you have shared this offer on facebook (button at bottom of this post), I will also send you a gift certificate for $5 off any 2013 purchase. I will tuck the certificate in the package with your cards. Good luck and Happy Holidays! (Pictured here are three designs from which to choose if you are one of the 10 winners. Each pack of 10 is all the same image.)

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