Count the brushes Give-away

Jelly-beans in a jar? Well almost. Count the brushes. The first 50 correct answers will get their choice of either TWO Rose Bryant postcards (I will ship) OR $5 off any purchase this Friday (only) here at my Open Porch. Respond with your count and your choice of gift. Use email, facebook, or blog comment for your response. Phrase your answer (for example) as “26 for two postcards” or “26 for $5 Friday”. I will mail the postcards to you (next week) or redeem the $5 this Friday (Dec 14). Share with friends on facebookOne guess per person. All guesses have to be made by 10am this Friday Dec 14. I will notify the winners before 11am. Good luck! :-) 

Helpful hints... click on the brush photo for a larger version. The wood color in the bottom right of the brush photo is NOT a brush handle. (thank you to those who asked.) The total is between 55 and 65. (I really like knowing you may win something!) Also, apologies for the crazy type above.... something happened while I was posting. 

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