December art give-away this Friday 10 am

Thank you to all who dropped by my space at the Button Factory. What a weekend... so much to see and so many inspiring artists in one place. I asked several event goers how they started their approach for the day... it is always fun to hear how people think. Do you start at the top (third floor) and work your way down? Or do you go bottom up? Several, realizing the potential crowds, said they start at the top... less people behind you to "hold up" if you stop and look. Either way, theories had to be thrown out the window by 1pm. :-).
Now.... FINALLY BACK to the givin' stuff away.
Boy am I excited. It is December and what's more fun than thinking you'll win something... which you could then keep for yourself or send along to someone else.
THIS is the challenge question to which you should post an answer on my blog, on my facebook page, or via email:
The image below is on a 12x12 canvas. It is in progress.  
WHAT WILL THIS PAINTING BE WHEN IT IS COMPLETED? (A dog, a building, a scene at a carnival, a view through a window? [these are not the answers]).
All correct answers will go into the art hat and one winner will be drawn on FRIDAY, Dec 7 at 10am.
The winner will receive all three of these 5x7 folded cards with envelopes. I will ship. One guess per person. Good luck!

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