Sagamore Creek Marsh Detail

I'm already inspired by the thought of fall colors... this detail is from a much larger painting in progress. There is no lack of beautiful changing landscape here in the seacoast area of New Hampshire. I can walk less than a mile east and see a marsh from a tidal riverbank. I can travel a little more and get to ocean. And just 15 miles west I can see rolling hills that lead to mountains. (I throw this visual imagery in with the hopes that more of my Virginia friends will take the bait!) The image here is from one small area of the painting that is about 11x14. The total painting is made of two canvas panels... each one is 24x24 inches making the entire painting 24x48. When finished, I will take it to the Willow downtown on Water Street to hang in the back gallery. I'll keep you posted.... Have a colorful day :-)

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