Marsh at Sagamore Creek

Now on exhibit downtown at the Willow, the final art from the detail posted earlier. Total dimension 24x48 diptych.
I love the beginning stages of the painting process... the world is big... so big that somehow putting one thought together on a canvas seems limitless. The first marks are loose and rough... really delightful and fun - I know whatever marks I make are not final but fluid. As the painting continues, my decisions are more focused with a certain amount of expectation ... which can make me a little crazy. Once I get through the "decisions" the last details come a little more easily - more light? more dark? more of my favorite colors? At that point I can see the whole, the all and decide how I feel about it. In the end, when the varnish goes on, the color REALLY begins to live on its own. Sometimes when I step back from a finished work... I feel like it is an offspring (no offense to my children :-))... but it is then something that has come from me that is not me.
Ok, enough of this art babble. If you want to see it, check out the Willow downtown. Say hi to Julie for me.

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