Swimming in Sunlight

SOLD Two little paintings at the Willow... Swimming in Sunlight and Barn on a Soft Day. Someone was feeling a summer moment at the Willow. These are two of the softest, lightest paintings I have done... usually my brush goes straight to the strong saturated colors and it usually takes all my strength to lighten up a little. I love light and soft neutral colors, and I love when I can maintain them in my painting. The Willow is a favorite place of mine in downtown Exeter. I love being able to have my work there... Julie's color sense and choices of home furnishings give my art a perfect home. Swimming in Sunlight has a sister painting... another soft, floating watery image with fish... and is still at the Willow if you are inspired by these. It is a 12x12 deep profile gallery wrapped canvas finished with a UV resistant varnish - needed to protect it from the summer rays of the painting :-)

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