Finishing touches

I just finished and delivered a commision this August for a lovely family in New Castle. It is of a view of Portsmouth from one of the areas across the water in New Castle. The original direction given to me was a run-on of descriptive possibilities... water, coastal, beach, marsh, blues, greens, (not pink... got it, Ed!), light in feeling, somewhat abstract, but still recognizable. We looked at the place the painting would finally be hung. They looked at pictures of my work and showed me other images they felt comfortable with. I showed them three "sketches". Then many days later, a viewing of progress on the canvas, then conversation. Making a painting for someone else always starts off as a big informational stew... and then somehow, one piece emerges. The process was a joint effort... the owners had visual boundaries and concepts they felt comfortable with in art and they were able to share them with me as I worked on the painting. The painting is now happily hanging above their fireplace... and it was just in time for a wedding party for their son and his wife. (No pressure there! :-). Thank you G and E, for having my work in your home. I hope you enjoy it for many years to come.

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