Painting Babies

I don't know... a little wierd, but I absolutely LOVE the painting of "Roulin's Baby" by Van Gogh. I rounded the corner in the National Gallery of Art last year and there it was... even more wonderful than it is on the postcard in this photo. (By the way, this postcard was sent to my husband in 1978 by a previous girlfriend at the time... evidently we share similar tastes :-) And I've hung on to the card and to him a lot longer than she did). I'm going soon to visit the painting again. In anticipation, I have been thinking of ways to incorporate the same color simplicity as in "the baby" painting... but not use actual human babies in the process. I don't think I could pull that off and still be considered sane. So I'm thinking of using another kind of baby. My neighbor, Lisa, has all kinds of animals running around in her yard... dogs, puppies, chickens. Her pug puppy, Cupcake, is SO cute. So I'm leaning in the direction of this little pug face. What do you think? Green, white, a touch of blue and a soft mention of redish mauve. Will it work?


  1. Yes it will work, how could such a face not? I see distinct similarities between "Cupcake" and "Roulin's Baby", must be the eyes....!
    Can't wait to see what you come up with Rose! Feel free to borrow any of the many possible subjects you see roaming about the yard over here, husband included.

  2. :-) Nice to know I only need to step out my door for endless possibilities.


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