Wright Start Preschool Fundraiser

In 2009 I completed a five-panel wall installation called "Floating Falling Fruit" for the Wright Start Preschool. Each panel was 24x24 inches with a total width of 10 feet. In 2010 they decided to use the designs for a fundraiser. So I prepared the printing orders and got the supplies. The highschool students and teachers sorted and packaged all the goods into card packs of 10 cards, two each of five designs, with 10 envelopes and attached the headers. Each pack sold for $10. They made $6 on each sale for the school. Such a fun thing to do.... all the preschool children recognize the art from the walls at school and can send a little piece of it to their family and friends. The Wright Start is gearing up for this year's sale of "Floating Falling Fruit". Order yours today... It will make you feel sort of healthy :-) plus you will be doing something good for a wonderful place that makes a difference in peoples lives. 603-774-8469.

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