Free table top.... A blast from the past.

Some of you may remember this... The table top from my art classes... a Rose Bryant original :-). Many a child's (and adult's) hand pressed dough, painted, pounded, cut, and sculpted on this surface over the years. I had been hanging on to this since I stopped teaching my private group classes a few years ago and before painting full time. It is now time to send it to the universe... so it can live a creative life in someone else's home. The dimensions are 41x57 inches (no legs attached). It would be great with a new pair of legs or supported by milk crates which is how I used it for MANY years with my own children before it became a studio surface. Enter the drawing for it by leaving a comment on this blog.... a memory you have from my classes, a thought for a future use with you or a group you want to give it to, or just a "hello". You may not see your comment posted right away because comments are monitored before publishing. I will choose a random winner from the comments on March 8. Pick up only at my studio. Good luck and happy trails in art! Rose


  1. I clearly remember all the time we spent on your porch with the cat! I would come to classes hoping Sarah would make some friends and I could bond with the other new(ish) moms, but she was absolutely enthralled with all of the hands-on pieces on your porch!!! The sticky board was always a huge hit, too. Very happy days.

  2. Kieran recognized it right away!

  3. I would love to have the tabletop because my chance of seeing your work at Breaking New Grounds, then meeting you at the Button Factory and getting on your mailing list lead me to visit your studio and purchase some of your paintings and having discovered that I'd taken classes with you when I was a kid! I really love art and I want my world infused with it and a tabletop so rich with history and beauty would be the perfect addition to my kitchen. Keep up the beautiful color!


  4. Anne Weidman3/6/11, 8:46 PM

    My dad was a freak about stuffed Spanish olives. We gave him gallon jars of them as gifts. I keep one of your olive paintings on my kitchen windowsill, and remember him with a smile when I look at it.

  5. Noooooooooooo not the table!

    -your son


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