Six Orange Abstracts Art Brunch

Happy winter day. One thing I love about winter here in New England is that the cold... and the white... and the ice... make some things better. Kind of a funny thought, but coffee smells better, warm cats are welcome, people laugh more (in a nervous sort of way) while running to get out of the cold, the gesture of helping someone with a winter scarf or coat says you care, and warm colors and fire are almost intoxicating. My urge to paint in orange has taken over and the desire to work with just the basics of color and composition is finding its way on canvas. I hope you can join us at the Willow for my first series show of warm color, Six Orange Abstracts (click for details).. a good reason to come in out of the cold!


  1. Rose - love the new painting - it drives the cold away! Thanks for sharing.


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