Barn in the Distance

SOLD   The "SIX ORANGE ABSTRACTS" art brunch was a great time.... thank you to Julie, Trillium and Cathy at the Willow.... a few pics of the shop are here. "The Barn in the Distance", 24x36 acrylic on canvas, was one of the paintings at the Willow and it now has a new home. The owner was looking for a piece of art that would be a one-of-a-kind. She had spotted this a couple of months ago and came back for the event to take a second look and chat. She typically has purchased art prints or reproductions until now... and wanted to know my policy for reproductions. A very good question. So far, all of my work that has been purchased (more than two hundred paintings if you count the smallest tiny paintings) has been original except for one image of the Exeter Bandstand which was eventually sold as a print. Every year, I also turn a few of my images into greeting cards or postcards. I have also created variations of the same painting for a series, but they are never exactly alike. Things could change one day, but for now, its mostly original for me. I think my clients appreciate that.

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