Ten Tiny Paintings for May 9 and 10

Each one of these original painting miniatures is just a little bigger than a business card... 2.5" x 3.5". They are all painted on a tiny canvas stretched on a tiny wood frame. I base-coated each with a color, then painted the image, and sealed it with a permanent clear varnish. Every painting is titled, signed, and dated on the back, and comes with a tiny little artist bio. They can be used as a gift, coffee table art, a doll house original, a serving tray decoration for a tea, a thank-you for a wedding party or bridal shower, or sent in the mail as a cheery greeting to someone special.
These tiny paintings and much more will be at my Open House May 9 and 10 for the "Three Studios: Six Artists" show all on Union and Front Streets in Exeter. Dale (Framing and Painting Restoration), Lisa (Lily Designs Beading Studio) and I have a little artist enclave here and we are welcoming ... Lori Martone Pottery, Deb McLarnon Photography, and Heidi Brightman Handmade Natural Soaps. Lots to take in for a fun Mother's Day outing. Friday 4-8, Saturday 10-4.
Thanks for looking and please, pass this site on to other friends if you like my work!

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For great food and art!: www.divinecafe.org
Beacon Hill Art Walk June 1. Come to see me!
Rose Bryant Correspondence Cards at Screamer's Cafe in Stratham and online at http://www.etsy.com/

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