Asparagus Birch Finds a New Home

Hello to you all and happy spring. A lot has gone on since a little over a week ago. We have started a kitchen renovation (not pictured) and we had a bit of major tree surgery.... so the regular activities here have been a little disjointed, and I am guessing this is just the beginning. It is all good, though, and I can't wait to see the final product. We have a good friend, Denis, working with us on the construction.
Art news: My huge painting "Asparagus Birch" previously hanging at Divine Cafe and Grille (pictured) has a new owner... Martha. She has the perfect space for it... a gorgeous home with vaulted ceilings, and the wall on which the painting will live is a very warm, receptive, medium-dark gray. My painting (now hers) is in very good company, as well, with other art and color filling the home. I love to see how collectors of my art choose to show the paintings... I always feel like the art belongs exactly where they put it. The painting is acrylic on four separate canvases. Each canvas is 24x36 inches so the total size is 48x72 inches. All panels are framed in natural poplar.
Coming event: Mark your calendars for May 9 and 10... Spring Art Open House at my studio and the studios of two other friends on my street! More to come. Enjoy the day and thank you for looking!

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