Trees in Winter

Thank you  again to everyone who came out to NH Open Doors. It was a terrific weekend to be traveling the roads of New Hampshire. We had five studios on our tour and I suspect there will be a lot more next year... so mark your calendar! And thank you, too, to the visitors of last Friday's art opening at the Main Street Art Gallery in Newfields. We had a full house at one point and when it thinned a little we cranked up a bit of Karaoke, baby.
Gaby Grossman's artwork is luscious with its warm periwinkles and blue-greens. It was a joy collaborating with her. The Newfields gallery volunteers did a fabulous job of hanging the show and putting on the reception... Heather Park-Hanlon, Joe Perna, Deb McLarnon, and Kelley Corson.
My recent additions to the Willow Shop walls have gone up. This time the new work involved trees for the subject matter. In the winter all one has to do is look out through a window pane at the bare branches for a perfect beautiful composition. And I like being the recipient of that beauty. It finds its way to my canvas ...sometimes in unexpected colors, but the feeling is still "trees". Mosey down to the Willow as you start your holiday shopping, I would love to know what you think of them. While you are there, check out the series of bird prints by Matt Adrian also known as Mincing Mockingbird. He is one of my favorite bird painters.


  1. Rose,
    Susan Scott and I had such a lovely time sipping hot coco underneath your awesome colorful paintings at Breaking New Grounds in Portsmouth NH....... from Lucretia Gordon

    1. Thanks, Lucretia!! So sweet of you to write. I love your color, as well!


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