Don and Sarah Stone

"Under Whitehead" by Don Stone, N.A.
 I know a few of my closer friends have have heard me mention the art of Don Stone, N.A. I have small images of his work from gallery guides and magazines clipped and stored in my "art file". Don maintains a studio on Monhegan Island and in Exeter and resides in Exeter through the winter. I have seen his work for years.... but had never met him. My art friend, Bruce Jones, knows Don well and has painted with him. Bruce and his wife, Tracy, visit Don and Sarah on Monhegan, as well as share time with them in Exeter. When Bruce asked me to participate in NH Open Doors and mentioned that Don would participate as well, I had no idea how rewarding this experience would be. Yesterday I finally met Don and Sarah. Two of the loveliest people you could hope to meet. And his studio, art, and stories could keep you for days. There were large paintings of the sea, rocky shores, water splashing, lobster boats, gulls fleeing.... with blues, lavenders, sea greens... and pops of orange. This is one studio you MUST see this weekend if you are in the Seacoast, NH area.... Thank you Don and Sarah for an inspiring visit. And thank you for being a part of our open studio tour. Local studios open this weekend (with pictures). NH Open Doors Seacoast Fine Art and Sugar Tour.
(My photo taken on the way to Don's studio)
(My photo taken on the way on Brentwood Road)
Bruce Jones, Don Stone, N.A., Sarah Stone, me at Don's incredible studio. Photo by Tracy Jones.

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