On the Beach abstract

SOLD "On the Beach", 24x30, acrylic on canvas. There is always a connection to make with color... everyone has a different way of looking "into" art and deciding what it means to them and how it works for them. "H" came to the ART ON UNION STREET and explored and soaked in the day. She was drawn to this one and a few tiny pieces. When I delivered the painting, she treated me to tea and gave me a tour of her art in her home... honestly, I could accomplish an entire art appreciation course just by listening to others as they explain why they love what they love and feel what they feel about color and art. "H" had so many pieces that meant so much to her... all ranges of work, all conditions... some perfect and fresh, some very old and very worn... some quirky and whimsical... but all very beautiful. I felt like she was allowing me to see into her heart as she described the origins and the thoughts around the art. My painting, "On the Beach", had significance to her as a reminder of times at the beach with her father and family... a very precious time in her life. Thank you, "H", for the opportunity to share in your vision.

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