Magenta Grasses at the Newburyport Famers Market

I exhibited one of my unfinished paintings, "Magenta Grasses", at our art show two weekends ago to get thoughts and comments. I was totally surprised by the responses! I told several viewers that the next step for this work would be to add more of the yellowish color over the magenta (basically, covering up 3/4 of the obvious magenta areas). What a surprise... again and again several people said how much they liked the magenta, and that the strong color behind the movement of the grass was what they found so intriguing. So needless to say, this piece may have a real magenta zip to it in the end.
Look for this finished painting during the Newburyport Farmers Market this Sunday, May 22, 9-1, at the Tannery. I love all farmers markets... and this one has a lot going on. You can get breakfast, find your garden goodies, be entertained by musicians, visit with artisans, and grab lunch all at the same place. It's like a mini-festival ... what a day. So grab your shamma-lamma and take a little trip.

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