Happy Anniversary to "R" and "J"

This past spring I met a lovely couple. They had previously seen my exhibit at the Divine Cafe and Grille and had come to the Spring Open House on Union Street to check out more. They found a tiny little Olive painting and bought it as a gift for "R"'s brother who is an artist and designer in California, knowing he loves small art. This October, "R" contacted me without "J"'s knowledge seeking a gift for their anniversary... their FIRST anniversary.
It took him a little while and three trips to decide which would be best. He stayed focussed on what he thought "J" would like. Art is such a personal thing. He picked this one of the birds on the beach for the whimsy and the color. They both love color ...and I get the sense they both are all about enjoying life and finding good energy.
Well, the response was a good one....
"Hi Rose, "J" loves the painting! It was so much fun to give that gift to her."

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  1. What a fun surprise to see this while trying to find out the date of your Dec. Open House! I do love the birds at the beach! What a wonderful treasure to have and remind us of our first anniversary! Thank you, J


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