Newburyport Farmers Market and Tiny Paintings

Summer days are great. Time for packing, and hauling and adventure. The photo at the top is of a few of my recent tiny paintings... not finished, but close. They are 3x3 inches and smaller, and are enjoying a summer day in the shade. To the left is the back of my car in June just before taking off to the the Farmers Market. (If you are an artist looking at this and wondering how I could possibly cram all my show stuff into what you see here, rest assured that this was not the end. You know how it goes! Of course there was more.) And the photo at the bottom is of of my set-up at the Farmers Market. My next date there is Sunday, July 25. Hope you can stop by and say hello.  The next exhibit I have of my larger paintings is at Blue Moon in August and September. More details to follow.

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