Divine is now a THREE-DAY CAFE!

This may be a funny thing to post... since this is an art blog, but my friends at The Divine Cafe and Grille have been going full speed ahead with their plans now to get their "specialty" vegan burger to market. They have been producing their burgers and running the cafe for three years. I have had the honor of showing my art there for that entire time (plus, I use my exhibit there as a reason to frequent the cafe on a regular basis)! Bonnie and Denis and gang have been burning the midnight oil to bring a dream to reality ... Now they have their vegan burger with Dole and Bailey distributors, The Golden Harvest, UVM, Hampton Natural Foods, Exeter Hospital, Timberland, Philbricks Fresh Market, and MORE are to come. To streamline operations internally, the Cafe is going THREE-DAY starting August 1st., 2010. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. 7:30-2:30. CONGRATULATIONS to Bonnie and Denis!

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