Marsh near the Trees

SOLD One of my favorite things to paint is a loose landscape... the possibilities of composition and color are endless. And what I really love about the process is how the human eye will complete a thought. Sometimes all the details aren't exactly as they would appear in life or the colors are vastly different from reality, but your eye wants to create a perfect place or feeling. And really ...all that matters is how you feel about what you are seeing in the moment. This painting is a 30x40 acrylic on canvas that was on exhibit at The Willow in downtown Exeter. It has now found a warm home for the holidays. Ten of my paintings are currently on exhibit there.
Be sure and get to Exeter this Thursday for huge dose of charming New England holiday celebrations.... the tree lighting, the downtown shops filled with gifts, the Festival of Trees, the Holiday Art Show on the second floor of the old town hall, Santa, hayrides and much more.
Then on Saturday and Sunday, join the 75 artists at the Button Factory on Islington Street in Portsmouth. It is packed ...and ...fun.
Kind warm wishes to you and your family this holiday season.

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