Rose Bryant 500 Tiny Paintings

This little winterscape is 2.5x3.5 inches and is one of 500 tiny works to be on display at our November Open House. I can see myself hunkering down this fall and getting lost in the process of creating them. Everybody has their therapy... and this is mine. When I get overwhelmed with the details of business and life, sometimes I just plop down and soak in the color. I am so entertained by spreading the paint and seeing images appear. Even the simplest of brushstrokes brings a huge sense of satisfaction and calm... almost as if someone else has created this and I am just here to enjoy it. Some of my friends ask... "Are you REALLY going to paint 500?" Yes... and I will love every minute of it.

Willow Shop Fun: Exeter's Fall Festival is this weekend. Mark your calendar for 12 noon this Saturday for Mandeville Canyon Designs decorating event at the Willow downtown. Treats, great ideas, and wonderful color and items for your nest.

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