Rose Bryant Poppy Paintings Love Rain!

Hello Friends. What a weekend we have planned... and a little rain just makes the color brighter. Each day now the poppy plants in my garden are getting bigger, and I know that when they pop the explosion is going to be beautiful. With poppies (and a slightly breezy day) you can literally watch the pods as they open. I would suggest getting a chair, a cup of tea, and maybe a good friend to share the experience. It is kind of like fishing... My parents would always sit and wait patiently for that nibble, that movement, and then... it happens. The cork goes under. In this case, the poppy pod starts to slowly unfurl. I will take pictures and save them for another day to paint a series.
Don't let the drizzle stop you from enjoying the color this weekend. We have beautiful visions of creativity for you to take in... this Friday 1-8 and Saturday 10-4. Look to the right for all the details. Hope to see you!

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