Rose Bryant Original Painting Exeter Congregational Church

SOLD This painting was on exhibit at our open house. It is an 8x10 acrylic on board, framed in a simple flat gold leafed frame (not shown). The colors are actually a little more yellow than represented here. The process of painting for this piece was a really fun exercise. I took a photo of the church in winter (the best time to see the whole building). In a photo editing program, I transformed it to black and white. Then, I inverted it and painted the entire piece (without stopping) upside down using a totally different palette from what was actually there. Doing a painting this way takes out all the "perceived" expectations of content and color. It simplifies the process and allows me to explore. The only color similar to the true image is the red on the doors... In real life this church is one of the most striking white structures in Exeter punctuated by its three red doors. This painting now belongs to a family for whom it has a special meaning... I think I can safely say the story behind its purchase for this owner is one of adventure and music, mixed in with a little touch of doubt. Thank you, Laurie.
Please, feel free to pass my color on to someone who needs different view!

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