The Scissors

"The Scissors", 24x24, acrylic on canvas. This painting has a happy home.... I recently discovered it made its way to someone who was looking for a painting with a touch of red. The painting hangs at the owner's sewing table, near her mother's old Singer sewing machine, next to a window overlooking a view of a lake. She had been waiting for a piece to put in this very place and this one spoke to her. When I heard that, I was very touched... I always love to hear how people relate to my art and what their decisions are for its use. It makes something that is a personal endeavor on my part even more personal when I hear the story. Thank you Anne and Mark.
At the end of February, I am adding a separate page of "Tiny Paintings". These are my little gems that spark my creative juices and provide ideas for larger works. They are all original, full of color, very small... 2x2 to 2.5x3.5 inches, and are easily shipped to the universe. Stay tuned! Thanks for looking.

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