Really Big Red Carnations!

OK I'm back! And thank goodness. The end of 2008 was a good time to fulfil obligations, get my arms around my children, regroup for business, and refresh. 2009 brings new beginnings and adventure...
This huge painting is a symbol of growth and energy. It consists of two panels, 30x40 each, so the entire painting is 40x60. It is already spoken for and will be in its new home tomorrow. Let me just say that this painting fits the family it will be living with.... they are full of energy, life and fun. There are new venues for my art coming soon, some of which are listed to the right in "Where you can find me".
Thank you for looking at my color. Please, contact me if you have questions about my art or are looking for something special.
See you soon.


  1. Hey Rose,

    What a beautiful painting! The colors and shapes are amazing! Sounds like you are well on your way to a wonderfully successful 2009! Congrats!

    Sandy McD

  2. Yet another beautifully vivacious production! What a lucky family to get this one.


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