Off the easel.... sneak peek

Everyone is arriving today with their work... Deb, Lois, Lori and Gaby..... and I can't wait to see what they have going on. Lori and I talked yesterday while she was opening a fresh kiln. To me, just thinking about that process is exciting... you open the hatch to see the results of ALL of your work. My studio is coming together .... still making room for the gang. Here is a sneak peek.... a larger abstract "Cows by the Stream". You will have to tell me if it "feels" like that to you! Plus a smaller piece that I started from the sidewalk in front of the Willow on First Friday Artwalk. The view is from under a budding tree branch looking toward the American Independence Museum. Also.... a first time appearance... a "test" tray full of "mini art" necklaces. See you this Friday and Saturday at Art on Union Street.


  1. I love the painting with the tree and the house. It is very vibrant, elegant and joyous.

    1. Thank you, Shelley! It was done on a beautiful day here in New England....


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