Winter hibernation is over...

The birds' songs have changed. Spring is just around the corner. My paintings look "pretty cool" perched on top of snow, but I am looking forward to seeing them against the blue sky ....at an outdoor festival, ....under a tent which is resting upon lush ...green ...grass. What? ouch, was that my neck? A little spring whiplash just got me, but really, if you are an artist or anyone, for that matter, who is planning your summer days, you may be feeling that twinge, too. I can not WAIT to get out in my yard... and help mend the little trees and branches. Plus, I look forward to our Art on Union Street Mother's Day Weekend plans. This is our TENTH ANNIVERSARY event... a good time for reflection, AND a good time for future thinking. We are planning a party for you to enjoy. Happy soon-to-be spring, everyone.

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