Art of Great Bay

I'm headed to The Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center in Greenland, NH this April 4th, Friday night from 5:30-8:30. Wonderful earthy facility. Lots of artists, lots of good vibes. Click here to see what the facilities look like... and then imagine, the doors wide open, the lights on in the evening, and people walking by the trees up the drive to an art soiree being held to celebrate the environment. The proceeds from sales at the show go to help protect beautiful Great Bay. So if you are thinking about a good time to buy some art, this might be it. Hope to see you!
UPDATE after the show: The show was great so full of art and people! When I arrived at the reception at 5:40, the place was packed... had to wait until late to take a picture with my art (now Laura Byergo's art). Thank you Pam Short (artist) for taking this pic. 
Thank you to the Great Bay Stewards for a lovely show and to all of the volunteers that handled the work of 60 artists! See you next year.

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