And the winners are...

Thank you everyone for playing.... again! Of all the answers sent in via email, facebook, and blog, we had four correct answers - plus, some EXTREMELY creative interpretations. It is always funny to me how so many people can see so many different things. The final answer is  two limes and two apples. This time I have to say my sister out did herself. I think she really wanted to win :-). She printed the puzzle, cut it apart, and put it back together. Then she sent me a picture of the final image. So .... needless to say, she has my vote for the most effort :-). The winners are Robin Eason, Tracy Hines, Jennifer Morriss, Deb Orlando and Iris Weaver! (Iris, I missed you on the first review. Sorry :-). I will be in touch to send a chicken card your way ... congratulations to you all!
The next give away challenge will be in March. Keep your creative eyes in shape....
and Happy Valentines Day!

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