Ok... It's not really hot out (it's New Hampshire in the winter, after all) but I REALLY needed to start a summer beach scene. So, for the students out there interested in process... this is the first phase. The image is from a photo I took in Florida of a beach with a kayak and canoe rental shack (maybe you can see it). There are three panels, each 12x36 painted orange. Once that paint was dry, I started my quick sketch in light pencil and a skinny red brush line. It could have been blue or green... you can't see it here because it all gets covered up by the paint. This is the stage I really like the very best, best, best because nothing is tight....I just lay it out there.... plus the color is really crazy at this point. The end result will be ? We will see... but for now, it is HOT!
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  1. The color is very bright and vivid. Beautiful work.


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