Bartlett Weekend... Delightful in spite of the rain

Pictures from top to bottom: 1. The set-up is NEVER pretty... it is a good thing that artists arrive 2-3 hours before the show (sometimes 6am, sometimes 7 am). 2. All things are good after a couple of hours of prep (thank you, Mal). 3. Me with magic glasses.... really... they are. 4. My neighbor on one side (and now friend), Carol Reynolds of Newburyport. She does beautiful paintings and portraits.

I always feel so lucky when my art shows are the right combo of friends, clients, environment and energy. This was a two-day show... and Sunday morning it rained while artists with their coffee were arriving and re-setting. Sounds of dumping water, tarps being shaken, and lots of laughter (believe it or not) plus chats with artist pals Averill, Danny O, Kristina Wentzell, Monique, and Margette (the organizer for this show for more than 30 years - wow). Behind me were canoe tipping, train rides around the pond, pony rides. music and food. Thanks to everyone who stopped by my tent... it was great to see you. My next outdoor event is in South Portland Maine. Saturday, August 11. Ya'll come.

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