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For some time I have wanted to share the talents of Lois Matheson with my fellow artists... She is my business guru, the energy that keeps me in a sane direction, and an all-round fabulous source for anything "business". Lois and I are preparing a business session specifically for artists to take place in early-to-mid February. She will be the business counselor and coach... I will have a few marketing and art show tips. The goal of the session will be to help you, the artist, form the beginnings to a structure for your year. We are limiting the meeting to five artists. The event will be here at my studio in Exeter. Please, feel free to pass this along to a friend. I will update you through this blog and through facebook with specifics. Looking ahead to new adventure is always fun.... but sometimes scary. If you have thought about forming a business plan, this may be a good opportunity to take a jump. :-) Best in health and happiness for 2012! Details to come.

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  1. This sounds wonderful rose & much needed! Have you run this yet?


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