Where are my scissors? Give-away

When I set up for my art shows, I always take scissors... sometimes more than one pair... just so I have them when and where I need them. My "scissors" are somewhere in this photo. If you can find them, you could win a gift... or feel accomplished....or enjoy the fact that you have a good sense of humor. The question is HOW MANY SCISSORS are in the photograph? All correct answers will go into the art hat. Three winners will be picked and can choose one of the five art items in the photo at the top. My Exeter, NH bandstand print or one of four of my art card packs (10 cards with 10 envelopes). Send me an email with your answers. Contest is over and winners announced Tuesday morning, Nov. 8, 8am. Happy hunting! (Sidenotes... You may need to click to enlarge the photo ... and I posted the photo in black and white because the orange handles would have been too easy to spot :-). Good luck!!

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Updates on our upcoming Art on Union Street artists will be posted there.
Best in color to you all!


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