Clams in a car

Ok, sometimes you just HAVE TO. On one of my last visits to Virginia, my family and I piled into a smallish car. I turned the camera to the back of the car without viewing and snapped. This is not cropped, not framed, not manipulated, no preservatives and nasty food additives. I love it for so many reasons. There is symmetry, but not too much. There is movement and gesture even though they are squashed in like clams. I know who they are without the faces. To me it is a story... of life and what my family does. It's funny and I smile when I see it. I can hear their voices. These three people love each other so much. We have all been there in a little car... hoping that someone would NOT take this picture. I can't paint it. It would never have the same meaning. Why is it on my art blog? Because it is family art.

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