What happens when you combine a new england artist, cabin fever, and bollywood tunes?

This is my kitchen now. We are all still alive. I am very happy to have expressed myself in a positive and constructive way. Last night my husband wore a tiny sombrero, my neighbor relaxed in a polka dot tutu, and his wife set a new trend with a tiara on TOP of a baseball cap. If you have ever lived in New England in winter, you may appreciate this. My kitchen wall WILL be on display at our annual Spring Open House. Mark your calendar for color on May 6 & 7.
Don't forget to leave a comment below if you would like to enter the drawing for my hand-painted table top (scroll down).... or leave a comment just for fun.
Have a light-filled, joyous day!


  1. Color me surprised at your COLOR choices! Design: bold- colors: unusually muted for Rose!!

  2. Rose,

    This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! The grass series is fantastic. You are oh so talented. Kelley

  3. Hi Rose,

    I love the wall, it is fabulous! Thank you for sharing! You are so very talented. I love the grass series. Kelley

  4. I'm glad to be connected to this blog. Your wall is great and I love your playful spirit in your work and person.


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