Blue Moon Reception .... Thank you all for coming

SOLD   "Bay of Fundy", 16 x 20, by Rose Bryant
The party was a great. We saw many familiar faces plus some new ones... thank you to all for dropping in and sharing your thoughts and comments. And thank you to Brian Crowley for showing his wonderful perspective through his photography. Brian's work pulls you in as you try to figure out how he takes his images... mysteries like which way a reflection goes, is the camera on the water or is he in the water, ...or knowing you are looking at a tree, but not knowing if you are looking up or down. And thank you, "C.", (the new owner of the "Bay of Fundy")... I hope it brings many moments of inspiration in your home office. Blue Moon is a wonderful host and I really look forward to their transition to a larger restaurant next month. Our exhibit will continue through September 24... so if you haven't had the chance, do stop in. Thank you to the SAA for organizing the exhibiting artists and to Kathy Gallant for always providing a wonderful venue to promote the arts. Feel free to contact Brian Crowley for info about his photographs here. And of course, you can always drop me a note anytime. Enjoy the pics from the party... most taken by my friend Ute. See you at the next show.

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