Lily pad abstract at Blue Moon

Summer brings so many ideas for painting... I call this one Lily Pad "Quilt". Whenever I try to paint lily pads, I lose my place... each plant is perfect and crisp, but I get lost finding the edge or light I have just painted. So I decided the collection of plants floating on the top of the water reminds me of a quilt. All the beautiful, shining, circular shapes just flow into one mass of texture. This is a smaller 8x10 acrylic painting on canvas board. It is in a wide black frame and is one of the featured paintings at Blue Moon right now... but it is hidden somewhere... where water flows. Drop by Blue Moon to see if you can find it. Be sure to mark your calendar and join us for the Art party Friday, September 10, 5-7pm. Have a great summer day. Thanks for looking!

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