And the winner is...

Thank you, all, for trying this little contest. The titles you submitted were so inspiring... I wanted to paint a little something for each of them! (Judging from the titles, it seemed that some of you may be a little hungry) The selection was a little more difficult than I anticipated, so the next time I do the "name that painting" contest, I may keep my title to a three word maximum :-)
This is how I chose the winner: A noun in common was first priority. And then I went with any articles (I think I've got the right term). The title is actually "A Day at the Shore" and the winner is Lucy with "Nestled in For the Day". Congratulations, Lucy! Please, email me your address and I will drop this little nougat in the mail.
See more "confections" at our open house May 7and 8. Have a great day and please, feel free to send my color along to a friend.

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