Pink Poppies at our Open House this Friday and Saturday

SOLD A good friend of mine and I swapped perennials about five years ago at a yard sale. When she gave them to me, I literally just opened up the earth and plopped in the dense chunk of growth. Every year I think of her (actually, I think of her more often than that) as I see these wonders of nature explode. The poppies have been the topic of conversation with several neighbors... good gardening tips have been shared...tea has been sipped in anticipation while waiting for the sun and wind to force another pod open.... All these things happen because of this gift of color that sits spectacularly in my front garden. Amazing. This painting is from a photo I took this past spring. It is 16x20 and will be on exhibit this weekend at our open house... along with my 500 TINY PAINTINGS. Please, invite a friend and join us...

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  1. Hi Rose~
    Your poppies are lovely and remind me of my many NH garden "friends." When I left NH to move to CT I had to leave all my thoughtfully planted and cherished flowers frozen in the earth with the hope that they would await joy for the new owners of my little cottage. It was hard to leave them because each one represented a memory or a gift from a friend. I now have lovely friends in CT who have graciously shared new plants with me and my garden is growing. Your painting reminded me of them and I wanted to thank you! Cheery smiles, Laura


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