Rose Bryant Original Paintings. "Big Sky Over the Marsh" at The Willow in August

SOLD Sometimes it is just a feeling, sometimes its a need for a color, and other times it is a desire to paint with big broad strokes. This painting started with all three. I knew I wanted a painting that would simply come out of me with ease... without hesitation or over evaluation. For this, the basic composition was determined and then the color was applied richly and loosely. Layers were added and scrubbed in for depth and texture... sometimes the physical action of moving my arm around is the best part of the process. "Big Sky Over the Marsh", is one of several landscapes that will be on exhibit in August at The Willow in downtown Exeter. It is 30x40 inches and sealed with a UV resistant varnish. The image is painted on all sides of the gallery wrapped canvas. Hope you enjoy the view!

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