Rose Bryant "Running Dreams" Sold at PHLY

"Running Dreams", pictured, is a larger 18x36 version of an earlier small 6x6 inch painting called "Wild Horses". I painted this imagery again because I loved the color and the free loose brush strokes of the original smaller piece and wanted to work it into a larger format. As an artist, I am always exploring what feels good to me for a "style"... and this direction is calling me. "Running Dreams" was on the walls at PHLY and has now found its way to a happy home. Thank you Deb and Mika at PHLY.
My exhibit runs through April and includes over 60 paintings. Stop in and check out the modern furniture and accessories, as well. It is all a visual treat.
PHLY is at 222 State St. in Portsmouth and is open Wednesday-Sunday.
Have a glorious sunny day! Thanks for looking.

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