Soft Ginkgo Leaves Original Painting

SOLD This is one of my favorite paintings, just completed for Renee Carman of Mandeville Canyon Designs. This is a 24x30 inch acrylic painting on canvas sealed with a UV resistant varnish. It is another in a series of paintings to be used for a model beach cottage in Wells, Maine. When I work on paintings like this, I get to explore my graphic design roots and love of imagery in textile design. This painting can be anything... an image of calm for a space, a burst of color for a simple room, or a statement of organic intrigue. This particular painting is not for sale, but I can paint another of similar image and color. I hope you get the chance to take a look at Renee's model cottage in March. It is one of five models that will be open for preview... more to come in a later post. Leave a comment here....would love to know what you think.
Have a wonderful Valentines weekend!

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